Hampton Inn - It's official… We will always be "Forever Young".

Foliot introduces our newest collection of Branded furniture for Hilton’s initiative meant to keep Hampton Inn "at the top of its game".

As the approved vendor for Hilton’s newest room interior package, Foliot created a staff of in-house - Brand Specialist equipped to assist owners of the most modern brand during their projects. Hilton and Foliot are known for working together on other Hilton brands such as Home 2 Suites.

Engineered for continuous use, Foliot’s furnishings endure the wear and tear of high traffic spaces, making it a value to select us for their branding packages.

Hampton Inn brand is a brand that is driven by innovation, said Phil Cordell, global head focus service brands at Hampton. The brand that introduced midscale to the US hotel industry is marking its 30th anniversary in 2014. Cordell said Forever Young Initiative or FYI is meant to keep Hampton Inn “at the top of its game”, creating new and significant value for Hilton as well as investors. "Value is a definite attribute of the brand," he said.

Foliot is pleased to be a part of such an exciting program. For a glimpse of the newly inspired “Forever Young” Collection be sure to check it out on our website. www.foliot.com